7 very good REASONS:

1.- SoIBio is an International scientific and professional Society that promotes BIOINFORMATICS & COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY in the large region of IberoAmerica, that includes 22 COUNTRIES: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Republica Dominicana, Uruguay, Venezuela, plus Spain and Portugal.

2.- If you are member of SoIBio you will have the opportunity to participate in the ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE of the Society, organized each year in a different country; and you will enjoy the benefit of a special reduction on the registration fees (of about 20-25%) as a member of SoIBio.

3.- If you are member of SoIBio you will have the opportunity to participate in multiple INTERNATIONAL COURSES promoted by SoIBio with a special reduction on the registration to the courses (of about 20-25%) as a member of SoIBio.

4.- If you are member of SoIBio you will have the opportunity to interact and participate in International SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE Programs promoted by SoIBio together with different national institutions and international organizations, like for example ISCB or GOBLET.

5.- If you are member of SoIBio you can participate in the development and promotion of BIOINFORMATICS & COMPUTATIONAL BIOLOGY in your country, with the added the value of interacting at INTERNATIONAL level with other scientists, academics and professionals of IberoAmerica, that are also working in this field. In this way you will be joining an active community in a research area really new and promising that is critical for the current development of Biological and Biomedical Sciences in our countries.

6.- If you are a master or predoctoral STUDENT (or even a Young POSTDOC, < 30 years old) and you want to become a member of SoIBio, you only will have to pay a quite low membership fee (you will enjoy a reduction of about a 60% over the REGULAR Membership).

7.- If you currently are a full MEMBER of another Bioinformatics Society (national within the region or international, like for example: AB3C from Brazil, A2B2C from Argentina, SC2B2 from Colombia or ISCB the international society), you will have a great reduction on your REGULAR Membership fees to SoIBio (aprox. 40% reduction in the 3 year plan !!!).


This plan applies from 2023. We will contact all the current members to update their MEMBERSHIP, as well as all the new people that applied to become Member of SoIBio.

STUDENT or Young POSTDOC (<30 years old) Membership:
FEES for 3 years (recommended): 50 USD or 800 MXN (Mexican Pesos).
FEES for 1 year: 20 USD or 300 MXN (Mexican Pesos).

REGULAR Membership (scientists, academics and professionals, >30 years old):
FEES for 3 years (recommended): 120 USD or 2000 MXN (Mexican Pesos).
FEES for 1 year: 50 USD or 800 MXN (Mexican Pesos).

The MEMBERs of another Bioinformatics Society in the Region (like A2B2C Argentina, AB3C Brazil, SC2B2 Colombia or ISCB international) have a 40 % reduction (paying for 3 years):
– STUDENT or Young POSTDOC Membership, FEES for 3 years: 30 USD or 480 MXN (Mexican Pesos).
– REGULAR Membership, FEES for 3 years: 75 USD or 1200 MXN (Mexican Pesos).

(This is equivalent in terms of participation in events to a Regular Membership applicable to 3 persons of the Institution):
FEES for 3 years (recommended): 360 USD or 6000 MXN.
FEES for 1 year: 150 USD or 2400 MXN.

– SoIBio Administration is set-up in MEXICO and for that reason you can pay directly in Mexican Pesos (MXN)
– If you are from outside Mexico, we recommend to pay in USA dollars (USD) and then we indicate the due amounts.
– PLEASE, We ask you try to pay via PayPal (is the easiest way, with less bank-transfer charges)